About Us

The Herd

At Southfork Angus we breed functional cattle which are adaptable to a variety of environments. We are able to achieve this by applying knowledge, experience and available technology. The result is cattle which are highly fertile, reliable, quiet tempered and easy to handle, which all converts into optimum dollars!

BULLS- don’t underestimate the added value a well bred bull can create for your herd. Bulls with proven genetics increase the fertility in their cow herd, provide calving ease, good growth, structure, and temperament, not forgetting an easy to handle herd. At Southfork Angus we incorporate the pedigrees which already have the runs on the board!

COWS- the good tempered ‘mums’ which can calve unassisted consistently from 2 years, provide quality milk in all conditions, have excellent disposition and have natural mothering abilities….It’s our goal to provide these qualities in our girls and produce well nurtured progeny through our diligent selection process.

It’s the ‘stayers’, the ‘easy doing’ cattle that Southfork Angus is creating, the longevity in the herd to resist under tough conditions and then to convert into $.


At Southfork, our aim is to produce maternal and structurally sound females that will in turn produce the bull calves that we are looking for in the industry. This begins with selecting animals with great temperament that will guaruntee tranquility amonst the herd and ease in handling which must’nt be compromised.