Advantages of Raising the Angus Cattle Breed on Your Farm

Blog | November 22nd, 2018

Raising cattle is a serious undertaking if you want to make a profit. You must learn how to care for them, the right type of feed or pastureland for them, the correct way to handle them up close in all situations and more. Also, you should choose the right breed of cattle to ensure that you have the highest possible chance for success. This brings us to our topic of the advantages of raising the Angus cattle on your farm that we discuss in the following information.

Angus Heifers Become Fertile at a Young Age

The Angus heifers become fertile at an age of about 12-14 months, which is sooner than some other breeds, such as Brahman or Chianina female cattle. This helps you grow the herd a bit faster. Also, the Angus heifers and cows will provide you with more calves during their lifespans. On top of all of this, the Angus bulls have an excellent fertility rate.

Angus Females Have an Easy Time Calving

Along with early fertility, the Angus females have a relatively easy time calving. There is far less stress for both mother and baby. An additional benefit of this is that there are fewer health issues for the calves at birth. Of course, you must know how to properly raise and handle the female Angus to ensure a non-stressful calving experience.

Growth Rate

Another way that raising Angus cattle benefits you is the fact that they gain weight at a productive rate. In fact, research shows that Angus come in third after Charolais and Hereford cattle in carcass weight according to Angus Australia.

Marbling Content

Angus comes in number one in marbling. The fat in this marbling gives the Angus beef flavour, juiciness and tenderness. Many restaurants prefer this type of beef breed above all others.

Adaptable to Numerous Environments

Angus are highly adaptable to numerous environments when they are raised correctly from birth. They are hardy cattle that survive winter effectively as long as they have the proper feed or pasturelands and a bit of shelter when needed.

Angus Are Easy to Handle

An additional advantage of raising Angus is that they are easy to handle on a daily basis. Whether you are moving them to another pasture, performing checkups on them or handling them in some other manner, they will be cooperative as long as you have been gentle and caring with them.

For additional facts about the advantages of raising the Angus cattle breed on your farm, consult with Southfork Angus. We specialise in breeding, raising and selling quality Angus seed stock. We guarantee that our animals will grow to be high producers.

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