Utilising the Principles of Genetics for Efficient and Profitable Angus Production

Blog | August 18th, 2019

Today, it is important for Angus producers to comprehend and effectively utilise principles of genetics to increase efficiency and profitability with their herds. This provides them the ability to improve productivity as well as the end product. The basis for this is directly connected to the genetic diversity that is present in the herd as well as the effective use of it with the selection process, parental traits and how the two complement each other.

Drastic variances are noticeable in cattle not only with their nutritional status and health, but also how these influence their ability to grow, reproduce and finish. Also, the resulting product may be affected as well. Cattle raised in similar conditions can still vary between one another due to their different genetic backgrounds. Since these are inherited traits, they can be passed on for generations to come through selective mating processes.

Breeds vary in genetics just as the individual animals do within each breed. The producer’s ability to utilise the variations effectively can improve productivity and profitability through accurately evaluating and estimating the differences for the purpose of maximizing breeding goals.

With the beef industry being so competitive, the producers of cows and calves come out on top when they make genetic choices with which breed to base their herd on along with which bulls and cows should be mated together for the best outcome. The consumers greatly influence the market price, the type of beef that is in demand, the value of specific traits and more, and the producers must pay heed to this information. This causes the producers to change their goals on the outcome of their cattle in some cases.

There is the thought going around that this type of production aims for the more profitable beef markets with highly marbled meat, which Angus is famous for, through close management of the feeding of the herd. It is well-known that this quality of the meat brings in premium prices when the supply is readily available, which helps offset higher feed costs. However, if this meat is overproduced the financial gains will decrease. At present, it is evident that many of the breeding decisions are targeting quality end results in Angus.

Due to the fact that the Angus breed association is the largest of all the cattle breeds, it provides the most comprehensive resources and database to help with genetic evaluations. Through this, producers can estimate the outcome of their efforts with greater accuracy. The results are Angus cattle with a better growth rate and size than ever before.

For further ways that you can utilise the principles of genetics for efficient and profitable Angus production, consult with Southfork Angus. We specialise in producing top-quality Angus seedstock and will be happy to share our expertise with you when you turn to us for your animals.

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