Angus Cattle Breed: An Ideal Choice for Dairy Production

Blog | March 11th, 2019

While the Angus cattle breed has been renowned for its high-quality meat production for many years. Many do not realise that this breed is also ideal for dairy production. Not only do purebred Angus produce sufficient amounts of milk to use in a dairy setting, but the breeds mixed with Angus also increase milk production, thanks to the influence of this breed. We cover this and other reasons that Angus cattle are suitable for dairy production in the following.

Purebred Angus and Angus-Cross Provide Excellent Milk Output

As we mentioned earlier, both purebred Angus and Angus-Cross cattle produce sufficient amounts of milk for dairy production. Many dairy farmers will buy Angus bulls solely to mate with non-Angus cows to increase their milk output if they choose not to have a total Angus herd.

Other Favourable Characteristics of the Angus Cattle Breed That Make It Ideal for Dairy Production

• Angus cows mature more quickly than other breed of cows do, which means they can calve at least a year before other breeds in many instances. This ability also means they start producing milk earlier as well. It is not surprising to find cows of 12 years old on up still fertile and bearing calves.

• Angus cows calve easily without much assistance from humans as long as they are raised properly. Their mothering instincts are strong and they take good care of their calves.

• Angus are known for the ease of handling. When raised correctly, Angus cattle have a mild temperament. A trait such as this makes them highly manageable in a dairy setting each day.

• Since Angus are naturally polled, there is never a need for dehorning.

• Angus cattle are adaptable to many climates and settings. They also have superior feed conversion and growth rate.

Always Start an Angus Herd with Healthy Seedstock

To ensure the best results with your efforts of adding Angus to your dairy herd, start with healthy seedstock. Seek out a quality breeder for your seedstock to ensure that you purchase nothing but the best possible animals for your purposes. By doing so, you will receive a high return on your investment.

Turn to Southfork Angus to learn additional facts about why the Angus cattle breed is an ideal choice for dairy production. We specialise in breeding, raising and selling top-quality Angus seedstock. Southfork Angus guarantees that each of our animals is highly fertile, mild-mannered, easy to handle and an effective producer for your purposes. For years, we have been serving the needs of Angus cattle farmers from our location in the Mornington Peninsula.

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