Angus Cattle: Why Good Breeding Should Start From the Seedstock

Blog | December 14th, 2018

Building a profitable herd of Angus cattle begins with the seedstock cows and bulls that you purchase to start or enhance your herd. If you buy seedstock that is from a poor genetic background or is in poor health, your efforts to build a productive herd will be delayed if not totally thwarted. To prevent this from happening, you need to understand the following reasons why good breeding should start from the seedstock.

Effective Breeding Practices Eliminate Undesirable Genetic Characteristics

You can eliminate certain undesirable genetic characteristics when you start with properly bred seedstock. For example, there are times that the family history of cows or bulls contain certain tendencies to develop health issues if you do not buy the right seedstock. On the other hand, if these tendencies are bred out during the seedstock stage, your cattle will not be as susceptible to these problems.

Well-Bred Angus Seedstock Is Healthy and Robust

Another reason why good breeding should start with the seedstock is to ensure that your animals will be healthy and robust since the seedstock gave your herd its great start or enhancement. In comparison, if you start off with sickly and weak seedstock, your herd may wind up in the same condition.

Ease of Calving Can Be Influenced by Breeding at the Seedstock Level

You want your cows and heifers to have an easy time calving for the sake of them and their calves. This trait also is influenced by proper seedstock breeding. Angus females are known for this trait but only if their breeding is carefully planned.

The Fertility of Your Cows and Bulls Begins with Your Seedstock

Seedstock can also affect the level of fertility in your herd not only with the bulls but also with the females. A breeder of seedstock should cull out those with poor fertility to ensure that the trait is not passed on, and you should follow suit with your herd.

Breeding Affects Behavioural Traits

Effective breeding affects how Angus females and males behave, and this also begins with the seedstock. If overly aggressive bulls are allowed to keep propagating without a full analysis of why they act the way that they do, it may bring forth the same behaviour in their calves just for one example.

For further details about why good breeding should start from seedstock with Angus cattle, contact Southfork Angus. We specialise in breeding and raising quality Angus animals. In fact, we even guarantee that our seedstock animals will by high producers in all areas while still being well-behave and easy to manage.

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