Quality Seedstock Producer in Mornington Peninsula: Why Choose Southfork Angus?

Blog | January 31st, 2019

Raising Angus successfully and profitably takes time, effort and a substantial investment. Also, if you do not start off with quality seedstock, you will be facing more of a challenge than normal in having a normal herd. For this reason, you should deal only with a reputable Angus seedstock producer to purchase your seedstock. We are here to explain why Southfork Angus is this type of producer in the Mornington Peninsula in the following facts.

A Bit about Southfork Angus

Southfork Angus is dedicated to breeding highly functional Angus cattle that can adapt to a wide assortment of environmental conditions. By applying our vast knowledge and experience along with utilising modern technology, we can accomplish this task to bring you the best possible animals for your purposes. Through all our efforts in this area, the result is Angus cattle that are reliable producers, mild tempered, easy to handle and highly fertile. With animals from us, you are bound to make optimum profits, as long as you raise them in the correct fashion.

Our Bulls

We never underestimate what bulls mean to Angus herds. If they are not well-bred, you will not be able to populate your herd with healthy, productive animals. When the bulls are bred with the best of genetic traits, they will increase and maintain the fertility of your Angus cow herd. Southfork Angus incorporates only proven pedigrees into our breeding process to ensure the healthiest and most robust Angus bull seedstock.

Our Cows

On top of our goals to produce top-quality bulls, we also strive to provide good-tempered cows. We want them to be able to calve easily with assistance early on at age 2 and continue for years to come and to produce rich milk to nourish their calves or for you to sell. In addition, we want them to all be great mothers.

The Mission Statement That We Follow Each Day

Our mission here at Southfork Angus is to produce highly fertile bulls and cows so that your herd will in turn expand in appropriate numbers to meet your needs. We weed out those cows and bulls that do not meet our extremely high standards and never sell them as seed stock.

Meet with us at your earliest convenience to learn additional facts about why we are a quality seedstock producer in the Mornington Peninsula. We will be happy to show you our animals and any family history we have on hand to prove their genetics. As a result of starting or expanding your herd with our Angus, your herd will be as productive as possible.

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