Why Is Angus the Most Sought After Cow Breed by Aspiring Cattle Farmers?

Blog | September 5th, 2019

At present, Angus is the fastest growing cattle breed here in Australia. Back in 1990, it accounted for 6% of the cattle in this country, but today it is over 25% of the national cattle herds. Also, it dominates the southern regions with over 60% of the cattle being Angus. This proves that cattle farmers are changing over to this breed for their cow herds more than ever before. You are probably wondering at this point why this breed is the most sought after cow breed by aspiring cattle farmers. We provide you with the answer in the information that follows.

Pleasant Disposition

One reason the Angus cattle are in high demand for cow herds is the fact that they have a pleasant disposition. This makes them easier to handle than other less-cooperative breeds, especially when they need special care.

Early Maturity and Fertility

Angus females reach maturity and fertility as early as 12-months old. This is far younger than other cattle breeds. In addition, they continue to produce calves throughout their lifespan for a substantial time. Due to all these facts, they are highly valued and sought after for cow herds.

Ease of Calving

Angus females are famous for ease of calving. As a result, little, if any, assistance is necessary during the birth process. Also, the calves enter the world untraumatized.

Superb Mothering Instincts and Milk Producers

On top of ease of calving, Angus mums have strong mothering instincts and are excellent milk producers. In fact, they produce plenty of milk all the way up to weaning time.

Superior Marbling Ability

Angus cattle have excellent marbling ability. The marbling in their carcasses leads to flavourful, tender beef. Restaurants, butcher shops, grocery stores and consumers are constantly on the lookout for this type of beef. Since the Angus beef is in such high demand, it brings a premium price for the cattle farmers.

Adaptable to All Types of Weather Conditions

Due to the fact that the origin of the Angus breed is Scotland with its harsh, cold climate, it is a durable breed that can withstand all types of weather conditions. Along with this, they have a great ability to forage for their food, and this makes them ideal pasture feeders.

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