Temperament of Angus Cattle: Benefits to Cattle Farmers

Blog | March 25th, 2019

Cattle farmers often choose Angus cattle as their preferred breed. The various reasons for this include that they are effective producers, polled or hornless and highly fertile along with the cows being good mums. Another reason to select this breed is now coming to the forefront, though, and that is its temperament. Angus is one of the top breeds for having a mild temperament, and this is beneficial for more than just ease of handling, as we explain below.

Angus Cattle Reach Their Ideal Weight Faster

It is a proven fact that calm cattle gain weight 12-percent faster than aggressive cattle do since they do not burn up their energy with wild, unpredictable behaviour. Also, excitable cattle will not feed as long at one time in the feedlot or grazing in the pastures. Angus definitely is a calm breed rather than an excitable one.

Angus Are Easier to Handle than Certain Other Cattle Breeds 

Cattle farmers have an easier time handling Angus in all types of situations. This includes during daily care, vet checks and inoculations, and transporting them to market.

Higher Pregnancy Rate in Angus Females

Another reason to choose mild-tempered Angus cows is that have an increased pregnancy rate in comparison to aggressive breeds. In fact, they may get pregnant as much as six-percent more than the high-tempered females of a different breed.

The Mild Temperament of Angus Cows Leads to Higher Weight Calves

Since the Angus females are docile when raised correctly, they wean heavier calves. Their calves can weigh up to 15 kilograms more than those of aggressive females of other breeds. A benefit such as this leads to further profitability for cattle farmers.

Angus Bulls Are a Bit More Aggressive than the Cows

We do need to note that the Angus bulls will be of a stronger temperament than the females, but they are still in the easy-to-manage range. Horned bulls are much different to deal with since they can gouge their owners and other animals if they become too aggressive, so part of the pleasure of dealing with Angus bulls goes beyond their temperament and includes the fact that they are hornless.

Acclimation to Handling Also Is Important

You can increase the docility of your Angus by acclimating them to being handled all throughout the year. The more familiar they are with kind human contact, the better temperament they will develop during their lifespan.

For further facts about the benefits that cattle farmers realise the mild temperament of Angus cattle, consult with Southfork Angus. Our business is supplying quality Angus seed stock from our location here in the Mornington Peninsula.

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