Important Things to Monitor When Breeding Angus Cattle

Blog | December 7th, 2018

Angus cattle thrive in numerous environments durably and productively. This fact along with their tender, juicy and delicious meat makes this breed the choice of many cattle farmers here in Australia. The trick is to raise the cattle in such a way as to bring you the most plentiful and profitable results. In order to reach this level of success when breeding Angus cattle, you must continually monitor the following important things.

The Physical Health of the Angus Males and Females

You must be vigilant about the health of your Angus males and females to ensure that you catch physical problems before they turn severe. Even though Angus are adaptable to many situations, it does not mean that they are infallible and completely resistant to health issues. Bloat is one example of these issues that can occur in cattle that graze in rich, lush pastures. The grasses and other plants can ferment in the cattle’s stomachs and cause stomach bloating, pain and gas. At times, the bloating becomes severe enough to place pressure on the cattle’s internal organs. If any of the cattle become lame, check their hooves for hoof rot that is caused by soil-bourne bacteria. These are just two examples of health issues to monitor the cattle for throughout the year.

Quality of Pastureland and Feed

Other things that you need to monitor is the quality of your pastureland and/or feed. Pastureland for your cattle should be a balanced mix of grasses and legumes to ensure that your Angus males and females receive all of their necessary nutrients to develop and maintain a healthy body at the right rate. The same goes for any feed that you furnish to your animals.

Angus Need Adequate Water Daily

Monitor the daily water supply to your cattle to ensure that it is adequate for your size of herd. You may need to increase it periodically depending upon your specific situation.

Monitor the Fertility of Your Angus Cattle

Since one of the purposes of most Angus herds is to multiply through calving, you must monitor the fertility of your Angus cattle to know when your females are ready to mate with your bull or bulls. Angus cows come into puberty earlier in life than some other breeds of cows do, so you can reap more calves during their lives.

For further details about the important things to monitor when breeding Angus cattle, consult with Southfork Angus. We are experts at breeding and raising Angus seed stock for those in and around the Mornington Peninsula here in Australia. All of our animals are in prime condition and have easy-to-handle dispositions, which will lead to them also being high producers.

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