Certified Premium Angus Cattle: How Do You know you’re getting the Best Genetics?

Blog | January 15th, 2019

If you are in the market for certified premium Angus cattle, you may or may not know how to tell if you are getting the best genetics when you buy male or female animals of this breed. It is a valid concern since it seems that so many breeders are throwing around the term today when referring to their cattle. Below, we give you some tips on how to know that the genetics of your potential purchase are well worth your investment.

Buy Certified Premium Angus Cattle from Only a Reputable Breeder

Always seek out a reputable breeder who has been raising Angus for many years. He or she will have a better understanding how to ensure that their cattle have the best genetics. However, this is just your first step to guaranteeing that you receive top-quality certified premium Angus cattle.

The Angus Breeder Should Raise Angus Cattle According to the Angus BREEDPLAN Program

Angus BREEDPLAN is a program for evaluating purebred Angus and Angus-infused cattle. It utilises the Best Linear Unbiased Prediction or BLUP technology to formulate the Estimated Breeding Values or EBVS of recorded Angus traits, including carcase, weight and fertility just for three examples. When a breeder refers to this program for information, he or she will learn what certified premium Angus should be to carry the title.

Certified Premium Angus Cattle Should Qualify for Verification from Angus Australia

When you go to purchase any certified premium Angus cattle, they should qualify for verification from Angus Australia to ensure you that the males and females have the best genetics possible. While the Certified Austalian Angus Beef™ or CAAB™ licencing agreement was once just for Thomas Foods International or TFI, today it is now integrated fully into the Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain plan as ISO9001 for the purpose of protecting the integrity of the Angus breed.

Family History Is Another Sign of the Genetics of Angus Males and Females

On top of the above qualification for the best genetics, Angus cattle should come from the right family history. Weak cattle or those with other unwanted characteristics should be culled out from the family line through the years to leave only the ideal traits for future generations. A reputable breeder should be able to provide you with the family history for each male or female that he or she has up for sale.

For further facts about how you can know if you are getting the best genetics, consult with Southfork Angus. We are experts in raising certified premium Angus cattle and guarantee each animal that we sell to you.

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