Myths about Angus Beef Cattle That You Should Forget

Blog | December 5th, 2017

While performing research into raising Angus cattle, you may come across certain bits of information about them that you do not know whether to believe. You must educate yourself on which ones of these are true and which ones are false to ensure that you can enter into your Angus cattle venture with confidence. If you believe the myths about Angus beef cattle, it may deter you from raising them and this would be a pity since they can be highly profitable. We are here to tell you about these myths and why you should forget what they state.

Myth #1 – Angus Have Trouble with Fertility and Calving

Fact: Nothing is further from the truth than this myth. With the right heritage and breeding, Angus cows and bulls are highly fertile. In fact, the cows are fertile at a younger age than those of other cattle breeds, which leads to more calves over their lifespan. Also, Angus females have an easy time during the calving process as long as they receive the right rearing along the way.

Myth #2 – All Angus Males and Females Are Highly Temperamental and Difficult to Handle

Another untruth with this myth! Angus cattle from reliable seed stock sources have a mild disposition and are easy to handle and manage. On top of this, though, you need to learn the right methods to direct their actions in a kind, effective fashion to accomplish this in an optimal way.

Myth #3 – Angus Cattle Are Unreliable

As long as you provide Angus with lush pastures with the right mix of grass and legumes, Angus will gain weight at the appropriate rate. Keeping them calm and healthy is another important factor since stress and illness can negatively affect weight gain. At times, you may need to supplement the slow gainers to keep all of your Angus reliable producers.

Myth # 4 – Angus’ Highly Marbled Meat Is Unhealthy

Angus beef’s marbling is mostly the heart-healthy oleic acid rather than the saturated and trans fats of the beef’s external fat that you should trim off prior to cooking whatever cut of Angus that is your preference. The marbling adds flavour and tenderness without having a severe effect on your health.

For further facts about what myths about Angus beef cattle that you should forget, consult with Southfork Angus. We deliver reliable, quality Angus seed stock to start or replenish your herd. Our goal is to help your cattle venture be a major success for you.

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