Angus Beef Cattle Barns: Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Own

Blog | February 24th, 2017

Before investing and operating Angus beef cattle barns, you need to gain certain knowledge and skills, and understand all the responsibilities such a venture involves for you. For example of the latter, a herd of cattle requires ongoing daily care to grow, thrive and reproduce in the proper manner. If you think that you can just sit back and relax to make your venture successful, do not start raising cattle, as you will drastically disappointed. We provide you a list of factors below to consider before starting your own Angus beef cattle venture.

Your Property Should Provide Adequate Grazing

The size of your fields must provide an adequate space for grazing without overcrowding the herd along with the appropriate grasses. In this area of Australia, grasses may include cocksfoot, ryegrass, tall fescue and prairie grass. On top of the grass for grazing, the pastures should include certain legumes, such as lucerne or white or red clover, but the legumes need to be under 30 percent of the grazing area to prevent bloat.

Supplemental Feed Requirements

When supplemental feed is necessary, it should consist of wheat, sorghum or barley. If your cattle will spend time in a feedlot, this is an important consideration.

An Ample Clean Water Supply Is Necessary

Angus beef cattle also require a safe, clean supply of water each day. Regardless of your grazing and feed methods, cattle will not survive long without sufficient clean water.

Learn the Necessary Information to Care for Your Beef Cattle in the Appropriate Manner

Read expert publications on how to care for your beef cattle to ensure that you understand their physical and medical needs throughout their lives. You should know how to spot certain health problems to treat them before the entire herd is affected for one example.

You Will Need to Provide a Durable Shelter for the Cattle

During extremes in temperature, you will need a durable shelter to provide protection to the cattle. In the winter months when it is cold, cattle will be warmer in the shelter than the herd will be out in the open. Also, in the hot months they will need a place to enjoy the shade to cool down from the heat of the sun.

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