Angus Beef Seed Stock Production: The Future and the Technology

Blog | October 25th, 2017

As in past years, the Angus beef seed stock production businesses face stiff competition today. This competition forces them to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry, including technology that will help them stay profitable not only now but also in the future. Technology that benefits the production and sales of seed stock ranges from genomics to digital communication and promotional opportunities. Seed stock producers must understand how to utilise these elements in the correct manner, though, to help raise more resilient seed stock or to sell their animals effectively.

Information about How Genomics Helps Angus Seed Stock Producers

Genomics studies the entire gene makeup of a living entity, including Angus cattle. Do not confuse this with genetics, though, as genetics studies only selective genes. In comparison, genomics analyses how all of the Angus genes interact with each other to influence growth, behaviour and tolerances.

All of this studying makes clear many factors that once were unknown to producers of seed stock and helps them breed their Angus cattle more effectually. For one thing, it will keep the producers from breeding within the same family of cows and bulls, which can weaken the breed when it occurs. Producers can also identify those cattle that are heat resistant and breed accordingly to increase that trait in their seed stock Angus. Other types of technology available now that also helps develop a more robust selection of Angus seed stock cattle includes ultrasound, DNA testing, embryos, AI and synchronization.

How Digital Communication and Promotion Options Assist Angus Seed Producers in the Efforts

Digital communication, such as email, social media and video chat programs or apps, allows the seed stock producers to interact with those who provide the latest genomics and other developments to improve the physical attribute and abilities of the Angus cattle. Also, these elements along with websites help seed stock producers to promote their farms and animals to increase their sales. Computerisation of records makes paperwork easier. In addition, computer programs also can analyse statistics of the farm’s productivity to learn where improvement is necessary.

Producers of Angus Seed Stock Must Embrace All the Above Technology to Forge Ahead in an Effective Manner

To be as successful as possible, Angus seed stock producers need to adopt as much of the above technology as possible. Since the competition will be taking full advantage of it, they will be left in the dust if they avoid using it to their benefit.

Southfork Angus relies on the current technology for its Angus beef seed stock production. As a result, we deliver cattle that are mild tempered, highly fertile, reliable producers in all areas and easy to manage.

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