Are Angus Cows Ideal for Milking?

Blog | March 21st, 2018

Even though the main focus with your Angus cattle farm is to sell the animals to meat producers or for seed stock, you may wonder if Angus cows are also ideal for milking. After all, this would at least help supply your daily milk needs without a trip to the store. Of course, if you were highly successful with your efforts you could sell the milk or other dairy products. The good news is that you can successfully train an Angus cow to accept being milked each day with a bit of patience and effort.

Angus Milk Is High Quality

One reason that Angus cows are good for milking is the fact that their milk is ultra-creamy and rich. The truth is that cows from this beef breed produce richer milk than the traditional milking breeds do since their milk needs to build strong muscles in their calves. You may or may not reap a large quantity of milk each day, but other farmers have reported at least three pints a day from one cow. Of course, the amount of milk that you reap will depend on how many Angus cows you put through the milking process.

Healthy Angus Cows Are Highly Fertile

Angus cows also become fertile earlier on average than cows from other breeds. They also are typically highly fertile without issues as long as they are healthy. This means that you have years of lactation to take advantage of with each calf. Certain times of the day may be better than other times are to milk your Angus cows as this differs between cows.

Angus Cows Are Easy to Handle

In addition to the other reasons here, Angus cows are ideal for milking due to the fact that they are easy to handle. You will need to work with your cows from the time they are born or bought to get them used to your presence and touch when milking them is one of your goals. It is the only way to be successful with the next section.

You Will Need to Get the Angus Cows Accustomed to Being Milked

At first, the Angus cows may resent you handling their udders. You will need to gradually get them used to this idea in order to be able to milk them daily.

For further information about if Angus cows are ideal for milking, turn to Southfork Angus. We raise and sell high-quality, reliable, fertile and well-tempered Angus seed stock. Our cattle will adapt to your environment with ease. With our help, your Angus cattle will be healthy and reliable producers.

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