Australian Angus Beef Seed Stock Supplier: Southfork Angus is Your Best Choice in Mornington Peninsula

Blog | April 17th, 2018

When venturing into Angus cattle farming, you need to not only have the proper setup and knowledge of how to care for the animals, but you also must begin with the best seed stock in order to grow your herd effectively. To ensure that you receive the healthiest females and males for seed stock, you should deal only with a reputable source. Here in the Mornington Peninsula, Southfork Angus is the place to turn for animals of this calibre. We provide only carefully bred cows and bulls in order for our clients to build the most productive herds possible for their goals.

About Southfork Angus

Here at Southfork Angus we pride ourselves on breeding highly functional cattle that are resilient enough to adapt to a wide variety of environmental situations. We accomplish this by applying the latest technology and knowledge along with our years of experience in this field. All of our Angus cows and bulls are mild natured, highly fertile, easy to handle and reliable producers, thanks to our efforts.

Our Cows

Southfork Angus cows mature to be pleasant-natured moms when they calve. Also, they consistently calve unassisted from two-years old. They also provide plentiful amounts of nutritional milk under all conditions. Our ‘girls’ always are easy to handle since they have a mild disposition.

Our Bulls

Sorthfork Angus bulls come from a healthy heritage with proven genetics to ensure that they can cover your females efficiently to produce numerous offspring each year. You should never skimp when buying a bull for your herd as it can be the difference between success and total failure with your Angus cattle venture. However, we take the guess work out of your bull purchases since we will guarantee the health and productivity of each bull that we sell to you.

An Additional Reason to Turn to Southfork Angus for Seed Stock

One additional reason to buy your seed stock from Southfork Angus is the fact that we provide you with in-depth details on your purchase, including:

• Birthdate
• Sire’s name
• Dam’s name
• NLIS tag number
• Pedigree
• Current Angus Australia BREEDPLAN information
• Other pertinent facts

Browse through our website or contact us directly to learn more about the seed stock that we provide you here at Southfork Angus. We will be happy for you to come by and visit us but call first to see if it is convenient to ensure that we are available to greet and meet you. You can even inspect our current seed stock that is for sale.

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