Beef Quality of a Young Angus Cattle

Blog | May 29th, 2018

Restaurants and other types of food-industry entities boast about the fact that they serve or sell quality Angus beef since it has extremely favourable characteristics that make it tender and delicious. While you may think all Angus beef comes from older animals that are past their prime, you are mistaken. The truth is that the Angus beef sold today comes from young animals as well as mature animals that have been strategically raised and fed to produce the ideal meat for consumption.

What Are Young Angus Cattle?

Young Angus cattle are yearlings that weigh no more than 454 kg in comparison to the older animals that weigh 544 kg on up. These animals are separated from their mothers at around eight or nine months of age when they weigh at least 204 kg and are typically placed in pastureland with suitable grasses and legumes to further fatten them up for market unless a feedlot is utilised. Today, though, the majority of Angus cattle in Australia are fattened and raised completely on pasturelands. These Angus beef can vary a bit depending upon the environment in which the cattle live. As long as the cattle receive proper care and nutrients, the Angus will still produce flavourful, tender meat in spite of the variances.

How Does Their Beef Differ From That of Older Angus?

The way that the young Angus cattle are raised for beef production purposes creates leaner animals as well as beef. Older animals will develop additional fat, which could over marblise them and make their cuts higher in calories and less healthy to consume. However, with this being said, the beef is just as high quality as any other registered Angus other than this one difference. It still has sufficient marbling to be tender, juicy and tasty.

Is There a Large Market for Beef From Young Angus Cattle?

If you are wondering if you should be marketing your young cattle instead of waiting, the answer is most definitely. With so many people trying to limit their fat intake, there is a large market for lean Angus beef from young cattle.

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