Black Colour Does Not Always Mean That It’s Angus Cattle

Blog | July 27th, 2018

Even though Angus cows and bulls are recognizable in part for their black colouring, you should not assume that all cattle herds with the colour are purebred Angus. Since this breed is so popular for its ideal characteristics in meat production, easy calving and mild temperament, many breeders are cross breeding this breed with other breeds to improve upon their results. Of course, here in Australia certified Angus must be 100-percent Angus to qualify.

Even Experts Have a Difficult Time Distinguishing Between Cross-Bred and Purebred Angus

While experts can look at a black cow or bull and see some of the traits as Angus, they cannot distinguish whether it is purebred or crossbred without an in-depth examination. Testing is usually performed to uncover the truth when necessary.

Certain Breeders Practice Crossbreeding

Some breeders today practice crossbreeding and mix Angus with other breeds to improve their production and profits. Without knowing the background of the cows and bulls from these breeders, you may purchase an animal that is only a small fraction of Angus. The Australian Brangus are polled cattle that originated in Queensland in the 1950s that are a mix of Angus and Brahman that are black similar to purebred Angus just for one example of crossbreeding.

Red Angus Herds Are Also Possible

Just like not all black cows and bulls are Angus, not all Angus are black. Red Angus is a separate breed from Black Angus, but both have their origins in the Aberdeen Angus of Scotland. This breed’s meat is just as marbled, flavourful and juicy as the Black Angus meat is once it is grilled to perfection.

How to Ensure That the Black Cattle Than You Purchase Are Purebred Angus

Seek out a reputable breeder to guarantee that the black cattle that you are buying are purebred Angus and not a crossbred variety of cattle. The breeder should be able to provide you information on the dam and sire of his or her animals. Also, a reputable breeder offers transparency of all of his raising and care practices for his or her Angus. In Australia, there are numerous specifications for Angus to be certified and quality breeders will meet or exceed these specifications.

For further facts about why the black colour does not always mean that its Angus cattle that you are looking at, consult with Southfork Angus. We specialise in breeding functional Black Angus cattle that are highly adaptable to a wide assortment of environments. Also, all of our animals are quiet tempered, reliable producers, highly fertile and easy to manage daily. All of these traits help you earn maximum profits.

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