Buying Angus Quality Seed Stock: Important Things to Remember

Blog | April 30th, 2018

To nurture a healthy, productive Angus herd, you must start off with quality seed stock. If you fail to do this one action, your herd will not be as productive as it could be for you. In fact, it may lead to complete failure for your Angus cattle venture. For this reason, you need to purchase the best possible Angus seed stock. While you may wonder how you really can tell if you have the right cows and bulls for your herd, you should not fret since we are here to provide you with some important things to remember when you go to purchase yours.

Deal With Only a Reputable Breeder of Angus Seed Stock

The first thing to remember about buying quality Angus seed stock is to deal with only a reputable breeder. Not all breeders raise cattle in the appropriated manner to ensure that the cows and bulls are reliable, healthy, high producers. The right breeder will feed and care for its seed stock herd carefully to be able to guarantee that each animal is the best possible quality.

Ensure That Your Cattle Are Healthy

Be certain that any seed stock cattle that you purchase are healthy down to even their hooves. Some signs that cows and bulls are ill are nasal discharge, cracked hooves and problems with their hides.

Fertility Is Must for Both Cows and Bulls

In order for your herd to expand over time, your cows and bulls that you purchase as seed stock must be fertile. One bull may be all you need depending upon the number of females that you purchase to start your herd with at the beginning of your venture.

Angus Seed Stock Should Be Mild Natured and Easy to Handle

A reputable breeder will raise Angus seed stock in such a way that the cows and bulls will be mild natured and easy to handle. These characteristics make many tasks on your cattle farm easier for you, including calving. The calmer females are, the easier time that they have giving birth to their calves. Also, a quality breeder ensures that its females will make good mothers.

Seed Stock for Your Angus Should Have a Documented Heritage

All seed stock should come with documented heritage. Information in this paperwork needs to include such facts as the sire and dam of the animal, calving year, sex, animal’s ID, birthdate, register, genetic test status and NLIS tag number.

Remember that you also can rely on Angus quality seed stock to expand an existing herd along with starting a new herd. When you are ready to purchase any seed stock animals for your Angus cattle farm, turn to Southfork Angus. We sell nothing but the best animals to you for your purposes.


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