Cattle Farming: Why Should You Choose the Angus Cattle Breed?

Blog | September 16th, 2016

When first starting in the business of cattle farming, it is difficult to select the breed of cattle to purchase since such a large number of breeds are available for your consideration. Think long and hard before investing your money in any breed of cattle to ensure that your efforts are profitable. To begin your search for your answer on this issue, we offer you a list of reasons why the Angus cattle breed is the one for you.

Effective Breeders

Angus females or cows reach fertility early and maintain it even into the late stages of their lives. Even under less than desirable conditions, they can produce calves. In addition, they are ideal mothers who nurture their calves with love, milk, attention and protection.

Hardy Animals

On top of being excellent breeders, Angus cows and bulls are hardy animals with little if any health problems. These cattle can survive wet, dry, cold and hot conditions. Cows stay healthy and strong throughout these various conditions to continue to tend their calves until they are old enough to wean. Bulls and cows will forage effectively even on steep hillsides when necessary.

Produce Quality Meat

Angus always produce high-quality meat consistently since they develop intra-muscular fat marbling as they reach butchering age. This helps produce a tender, flavourful product with ideal colouring.

High Market Value and Demand

Sides of Angus beef bring in high prices at market, which helps you receive a profitable return on your original investment. In addition, since the meat is flavourful and tender, there is a large demand for it with butcheries, marketplaces and restaurants.

Documented Gene Background

The gene pool of Angus cows and bulls are well documented in order to provide you with a family history of their health. You will discover that this is a valuable asset in cattle farming to ensure that you purchase only the strongest of stock for your farm.

Ideal for Milk Cows

Angus cows are ideal milk cows in case you have an interest in dairy production rather than meat production. They have a shorter gestation period for calving on average than many other breeds do, which is effective for maximising the output of milk.

For further information on the benefits of the Angus cattle breed, consult with Southfork Angus. We breed functional, highly versatile cows and bulls that are capable of adapting to a wide assortment of environments. Our company guarantees that our Angus cattle are reliable, easy to handle, healthy and reliably fertile.

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