Does Genes Matter in Cattle Breeding and Farming?

Blog | November 14th, 2016

There are numerous products that come from cattle, such as milk, meat, dairy, and leather, however, the quality of these are ultimately reflective of the quality of the breed of cattle. Anyone venturing into farming and cattle breeding as a business will quickly learn that good genes is paramount for successfully breeding, and that directly equates to quality products that will generate the most profit.

The importance of genes in cattle breeding for business shouldn’t be underestimated because it directly reflects on the health and quality of a herd, and, in farming and cattle breeding, for dairy and meat purposes, it means ‘everything’.

The Importance of Genes in Cattle Breeding and Farming

Running a successful farm that raises cattle requires that adequate shelter, water and feed be provided, to maintain a healthy herd. Although, without good line breeding a herd will have an imbalance in the quality of cattle. Good genes ensures that cattle breeders and farms have a healthy balanced of cattle that produces consistent offspring, unlike cattle owners who regularly introduce different genes into their herds.

Constantly introducing new genes to a herd causes inconsistent offspring and an imbalance health level among cattle, which equates to uncertain prices at the market. The ultimate goal for farmers is to raise highly profitable animals that reproduce the same quality offspring. Basically, strong line breeding concentrates the genetics of animals, making them stronger, more resistant to disease, and more adaptable to their environment.

For those starting a new herd, finding the right breed of cattle is paramount for future success in the cattle breeding and farming business, finding the right breed that will best meet one’s need is the next step. Thankfully, quality seed stock is available, along with years of experience and knowledge in cattle breeding and farming, at Southfork Angus, on the Morning Peninsula.

Southfork Angus is Home of Quality Seed Stock on the Morning Peninsula

Who doesn’t want functional cattle that are adaptable to various environments, and that produce hardy offspring as a result of strong genes? It’s every farmer’s dream to have cattle that are quite tempered, highly fertile, easy to handle, and highly profitable. And, that is just what you will find here at Southfork Angus.

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