Effects of Climate Change in Angus Cattle Breeding: What to Do?

Blog | February 20th, 2018

Angus cattle breeding is an extremely challenging venture to undertake. You need to keep watch on a wide variety of details, including how climate change affects it. Whether this change is just a normal transition from one season to the next or brought on by the global warming that has many up in arms today, you need to understand how to counteract its negative effects upon your breeding plans for your Angus.

Problems That Climate Change Can Cause for Your Angus Farm

  • Extreme weather events can occur more regularly due to global warming.
  • Pastures can have a difficult time growing without the right plants for the changes that are taking place.
  • During periods of drought, the natural water supply in the streams can be disrupted and decrease.
  • Stress can cause issues in your cattle during times of temperature highs or lows.
  • Weed growth can increase in your pastures if you do not care for the pastures in the appropriate manner.

Possible Solutions to Your Climate Change Issues

The following are possible solutions to your climate change issues for your cattle:

  • Provide shelter for your cattle for extreme weather events, and cold or hot temperatures. This will help keep the cattle from being stressed out during their breeding season.
  • Adjust the plants in your pasture to be able to better withstand current climate change conditions. You may have to do this periodically throughout the year to ensure success. Also, have feed on hand for those times when supplementation is necessary.
  • Ensure that your cattle always have sufficient water, especially during drought conditions.
  • Nurture your pastures in the appropriate fashion to prevent an overgrowth of weeds that you do not want your cattle to feed upon.

Keep Cattle Calm throughout the Climate Change Issues

Remember that your cattle can become stressed out due to climate change issues. When the cattle are anxious, this can affect how successful their breeding will be for you. On top of this, if the females do get pregnant, they can have difficulty calving if they feel stressed. Above all the other solutions to climate change, you need to keep your cattle as calm as possible throughout the year.

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