Factors that Can Affect Angus Seed Stock Production

Blog | November 13th, 2017

Producers of the seed stock must learn how to overcome issues and the ideal way to achieve premium results with their Angus to stay successful. If they do not, their Angus cows and bulls will not be as fertile, easy to handle, high producers and mild tempered as they could be with diligent research and managing. Year after year there are factors that may affect the Angus seed stock production industry.

Genetics and Genomics

Today, Angus experts have a deep understanding of how the various genes of these cattle can affect their health, meat quality, fertility and ability to calve with ease. They have used both genetics and genomics to gain this knowledge. As a result of their efforts, Angus seed stock producers can use the heredity of their cows and bulls to create the ideal herd of seed stock to start others on their way to a successful Angus farm.

Weather Conditions

Drought, extreme temperatures and other unfavourable weather conditions can stress out the Angus herd. This can reduce the amount of weight they gain, cause issues with calving and negatively affect the behaviour of both cows and bulls.

Pastureland Quality

Since Angus cattle need plenty of feed sources to grow strong and healthy, the quality of pastureland or even supplemental feed sources is crucial. It takes prior planning to develop the pasturelands with the right mix of grasses and legumes, healthy soil and adequate space for a herd.

Water Supply

Along with adequate feed, cattle need plenty of water each day. In times of drought, this can be quite a challenge to the seed stock producers.

Pest Control

Flies and other pests can plague the Angus periodically and negatively affect their health. Natural and diligent pest control measures will reduce the risk of this issue from being a major hurdle to overcome to develop a strong seed stock selection.

Handling Methods

The producers of seed stock need to be at ease when handling their cattle since any tension will cause the cows or bulls to feel anxious. It takes patience and understanding to deal with cattle day after day and with all the issues that can occur.

For further details about the factors that can affect Angus seed stock production, consult with Southfork Angus. Our seed stock animals always are high producers, mild natured, easy to handle and fertile to help start a new herd or to enhance an existing herd. We strive year after year to deliver the best cows and bulls in order to them to be able to adapt to a wide assortment of environments.

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