Factors that Make Angus Meat Tenderer and Juicier Than Other Types of Beef

Blog | May 14th, 2018

Today, restaurants boast about one type of beef or another to lure customers to come into their establishments. One popular breed of beef for steaks and other cuts of meat is the Angus one. Experts often state that the meat from this breed is tenderer and juicier than that of other breeds. If you are a skeptic who does not believe everything you hear or read about food recommendations, you may wonder if these experts report the truth. We are here to explain more about the Angus breed, and why these claims are true.

Brief History of the Angus Breed

The Angus breed originated in Scotland under the name of Aberdeen Angus. Since the weather in that country can be harsh periodically throughout the year, especially in the winter months, Angus proved high producers due to their sturdiness through all types of weather and other conditions. This breed has been in Australia since the 1820s.

The Type of Care That Angus Herds Receive Does Impact the Quality of Their Meat

Along with their sturdiness, the type of care that Angus receives will impact the quality for their meat. Angus producers must provide the right pastureland and daily care for the cows and bulls to mature in the proper manner to offer tasty, juicy and tender cuts of meat. If any of their care is neglected, the quality of the meat will be lower than it should and may not even meet the standards of the MSA, which grades the meat here in Australia.

Characteristics of Angus Beef That Makes It Tenderer and Juicier Than Other Types of Beef

Angus produce meat that has just the right marbling to ensure its signature flavour and tenderness is present. While marbling is not the only factor that figures in on tenderness of this meat, it is one of the most visible ones. Another characteristic that influences the tenderness of this type of beef is the fact that Angus bulls and cows mature and reach full weight faster than other breeds. This allows the Angus farmers to sell them to producers while they are still young enough to provide tender meat.

For further factors about what makes Angus meat tenderer and juicier than other types of beef, consult with Southfork Angus. We make our living by raising high-quality seed stock for Angus herds. Our cows and bulls are highly fertile, and the cows always make great moms. All of our animals also are quiet tempered, easy to handle and reliable producers. With our help, your cattle venture will be a success as long as you care for your animals in the correct fashion.

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