Farming Tips for Minimising Stress in Cattle

Blog | April 18th, 2017

Minimising the stress in cattle will result in a lower rate of illness throughout the herd along with better calf, beef and milk production. Poor handling procedures are one of the major causes for anxiety in cattle since it can make them fear their owners or handlers. Other issues that can cause stress are overcrowding, insufficient food and water, and weather conditions. Below, we share five farming tips to minimise stress in your cattle.

1. Use Gentle Methods to Handle Your Herd

Yelling at your cattle or using other harsh methods to motivate your herd to move from one place to another will only make the cattle fear you. As a result, they will get nervous at the mere sight of you or the sound of your voice. Instead, learn to use body gestures and a gentle voice to guide your cattle from one area of your farm to another.

2. Do Not Overcrowd Your Cattle

Never overcrowd your cattle, whether it is in your barn or out in the pastures. The cows and bulls should have enough space to move about and graze without bumping into each other. Also, new mothers are quite protective of their calves and may become temperamental, especially in crowded settings. Also, remember that when cows feel anxious that their milk production may decrease, and this may cause the calves to suffer as a result.

3. Provide Sufficient Food and Fresh Water

Whether you are supplementing the nutrition for your cattle with feed or just allowing them to graze in pastureland, you need to ensure that the entire herd is receiving sufficient food each day. In addition, they need a constant supply of fresh water.

4. Supply Shelter for Times of Temperature Extremes or Inclement Weather

Provide durable shelter for the times when the temperature is too hot or too cold for the comfort of the cattle. The shelter also is necessary during inclement weather to ensure the cattle do not feel anxious.

5. Keep Calving and Weaning as Stress-Free as Possible

Calving and weaning times are always a bit stressful for cows, but you can reduce the anxiety by learning the proper methods for assisting your cows during both of these processes. The cows and calves will be healthier and calmer as a result of your actions. Consult with your veterinarian for expert guidance on your specific situation with your cows.

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