How Does DNA and Genetic Testing Help in Angus Seed Stock Production?

Blog | October 16th, 2018

Today, to stay on top of the latest information about breeding and raising healthy, fertile Angus herds, producers need to learn how to incorporate genetic testing and DNA information into their efforts. By doing so, they can reach optimal results with their herds, especially when they are supplying Angus seed stock to others. We provide you with the following details to help you better visualise how DNA and genetic testing helps Angus seed stock producers achieve optimal results.

DNA and Genetic Testing Can Increase Ease-of-Calving Characteristics in Cows

With the help of DNA and genetic testing, you can increase the cows’ ability to have an easy time calving. This ability is passed on from cow to cow in their genetic makeup. Fail to use these elements and you will only be guessing as to whether your cows will have an easy time giving birth.

Using DNA and Genetic Testing Can Eliminate Inherited Weaknesses

Another benefit of DNA and genetic testing for Angus seed stock production is the fact that you can eliminate inherited tendencies towards diseases. You simply do not rely on the cows or bulls with these weaknesses to be part of your breeding program. Cull these animals out of your herd and sell them for meat instead.

Can Help Produce Fertile Cattle

Using the DNA and genetic information helps you produce fertile cattle that will provide excellent seed stock for all you sell to or for you to increase your own herd with each year. When fertility runs in the very genes of the animals, it is easier to receive favourable results than if you breed ones together who have a family background with fertility issues in it.

Genetic Testing and DNA Information Can Increase Meat and Milk Production

Increase your meat and/or milk production too with the use of DNA and genetic testing. Do not just assume that your cattle will be high producers. You need to add science to your other practices to ensure maximum results.

Producers Can Track Their Progress Year After Year

DNA and genetic testing also can help you track your progress each year since it will show you why your herd is increasing in productivity and health. You can learn which characteristics are and are not desirable in your herd.

For additional facts about how DNA and genetic testing help in Angus seed stock production, consult with Southfork Angus. We specialise in providing quality seed stock to the Angus producers on the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas. All of our animals are healthy, fertile, well-mannered and high producers.

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