How Long Does It Take for an Angus Cattle to Mature?

Blog | January 24th, 2018

Raising Angus is a challenging undertaking since they require close care to grow healthy and strong enough to be high producers. Part of the knowledge that you need to know is when the cattle are past the calf stage, so that you know when they are in season for breeding. After all, a primary goal for Angus farming is for your cattle to reproduce to expand your herd. As your cattle numbers climb, so should your animal, meat and or milk production depending upon your specialty.

When Do Angus Bulls Reach Maturity?

Even though the Angus bulls reach puberty between 9 and ten months old, they are not considered mature enough for breeding purposes until they are about 15 to 18 months old. Full growth body-wise takes about two years. These are averages and may vary between bulls.

When Do Angus Females Reach Maturity?

On average, Angus females reach puberty by 15 months and become mature by two years. At this two-year point, they can give birth to their first calf. At times, cattle farmers will wait another year, though, if the cow needs more time to mature in temperament. Most Angus females give birth for the first time when they are two or three years old. As a rule, they have an easy time calving as long as they receive the right care and handling.

How Many Calves Do Angus Females Give Birth to in Their Lifespan?

Calves stay fertile from two years up to late into their lives as long as they are in good health. The average calf count for one Angus female in her lifetime is seven to 10 calves but can go up higher.

Care Requirements for Angus Cattle

All Angus cattle need the right amounts of food and water to grow, thrive and reproduce. Today, most Angus farmers let their cattle open graze year round in lush pastures that contain a combination of grasses and legumes. Also, they ensure that the cattle have water each day. If you decide to go this route, you will need to prepare and maintain the pastures with the diligent care that you give to your cattle. At times, supplemental feeding is necessary. On top of all of this, you should provide your cattle with a shelter from inclement weather.

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