How to Spot the Best Angus Cattle Breeder?

Blog | April 28th, 2017

Now that you have decided to invest in Angus for your cattle farm, the next step is to locate the best breeder from which to buy your seed stock. Whether you are raising the cattle for beef, for show or just to sell for profit as they mature, you need a breeder that raises seed stock to fit your specific goals. You may think locating the best Angus cattle breeder a daunting task, but we provide you with how to spot one in the following facts.

Take a Tour of the Cattle Farm

Tour the breeder’s cattle farm to observe the herd in its entirety. This allows you to learn how the cows interact with and care for their young, if the cattle are docile or high strung, and if there are signs of behavioural problems within the herd without asking questions that the breeder may or may not answer truthfully. When you observe a problem, then ask the breeder to explain the situation and if you do not like his or her answer, turn elsewhere for your seed stock. In addition, by examining the herd in this way, you can determine how strict the breeder is at culling out unhealthy or otherwise undesirable heifers or bulls.

Enquire about the Breeder’s Calving Program

While the tour of the cattle farm will tell you a bit about the breeder’s calving program, you need to further enquire about this directly with the breeder. Ask about the types of bulls and cows that he or she chooses as the basis of his or her herd. On top of this, learn about any calving issues the breeder faces with the herd and the conception rate for the herd. You should only deal with a breeder who has a high conception rate for his or her particular herd.

Look for Signs of Potential Problems

Always be on the lookout for signs of possible issues, such as:

• Corns
• Curled toenails
• Dirty rumps
• Pinkeye
• Pendulous utters
• Aggressive cows
• High-strung or nervous cattle
• Constantly fighting bulls
• Calving difficulties
• Other health or behavioural issues

What Is the Breeder’s Focus?

The breeder’s focus should be on the following:

• Unassisted calving
• Culling the animals with calving difficulties, health issues and possibly behavioural problems
• High fertility and conception rates
• Producing a high volume of beef in a cost-effective manner
• The cattle are low maintenance with efficient feed conversion
• When grass-fed is the goal, the focus should be on how the cattle perform in a pasture grazing scenario

Purchase your seed stock from the breeder who provides more positive than negative results through your investigative efforts. Of course, if you live in or near the Mornington Peninsula here in Australia, you can rely on Southfork Angus for all your seed stock. All of our animals are guaranteed to be quiet tempered, highly fertile and reliable producers along with being easy to handle. They are the kind of cattle that will help propel your farm to success.

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