Important Aspects That Cattle Farmers Should Consider in Cattle Farming

Blog | August 29th, 2016

Cattle farming is a challenging venture that can lead to profitable results when you learn the right skills to perform it in the proper manner. In Australia, beef production is a highly competitive business that has adopted new methods over the years to address the fact that consumers now desire their beef to be chemical-free and raised using humane practices. Learn the following list of the important aspects of this business that all cattle farmers should keep in mind to make the venture a success.

List of Important Aspects

  1. Effective stock management includes, in part, owning the right number of bulls to cows to increase herds at a desirable. Controlling diseases through vaccinations and other effective methods and preventing pests from causing issues are other aspects of stock management.

    2. Soil and pasture management work together to produce the ideal grazing for cattle. At times, you need to place the condition of your pasture above the needs of your cattle to improve its condition. The trick is to learn sustainable practices to cultivate pasture lands through both rainy and dry seasons in the right manner to offer adequate grazing for your cattle on an ongoing basis.

    3. Water management is crucial with cattle farming. The recommendation is to water cattle through the use of troughs instead of allowing the cattle access to the local waterways to prevent contact with water that may suffer from contamination or other issues.

    4. Efficient use of supplies and fuel cuts down on waste and the expense of purchasing these elements. This includes everything from supplies to care for the pasture to the fuel to run tractors and other equipment.

    5. Constant monitoring of the health of the cattle as well as the size of the herd helps to maximise your beef production. In addition, you must watch over the financial status of the business to ensure that you bring in sufficient revenue in to keep the venture profitable.

    6. Basic business management skills also will help you understand the financial, purchasing, marketing and sales part of cattle farming. The successful beef producers understand the importance of these skills and increase their knowledge as much as possible in all these areas.

    Of course, the above are just a sampling of the important aspects that cattle farmers need to think about with cattle farming. For further information, contact Southfork Angus at your convenience. We provide quality seed stock for the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas.

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