Qualities That Good Angus Cattle Should Have

Blog | March 29th, 2017

The Angus breed of cattle has a long history of delivering high-quality results for the beef industry. Before you ever venture into this industry and to reap the maximum return on your efforts and investment, though, you first should understand the qualities that good Angus cattle should have to be healthy and productive. We provide you with a partial list of these qualities in the following facts to further your education on this topic.

Shape of the Angus Head

Angus cattle are polled cattle and this means that purebred Angus will never have horns on their heads. In addition, their heads should contain a wide forehead, perky ears and a narrow muzzle. Their mouths should have wider lips than those on Hereford cattle. The size of the Angus head is a bit smaller than you may expect in comparison to the size of the body on this breed of cattle.


Angus cattle are completely black in most cases. Certain associations may allow a bit of white on the underbelly, but the rest of the body should be black nose to the tip of the tail to qualify to be registered.

Personality of the Cows

Cows should have a pleasant temperament, especially when it comes to calving. They also should be natural mothers to care for the calves in the appropriate manner. Angus cows need to provide quality milk on top of having this type of personality.

Ideal Characteristics of Angus Bulls

The first characteristic to look for with an Angus bull is its breeding pedigree. With the right genetic background, this bull will have an even temperament and a strong, healthy body, and it will provide fertility to your herd of cows to ensure a sufficient output of calves.

Hoof Condition

Ensure the health of the hooves of Angus cattle, since cracks and other issues with these can lead to lameness in your animals. Once you own the cattle, quickly address any hoof issues as they come up to prevent serious problems.

Angus Cattle Need to Be Free of Parasites and Other Health Issues

Angus cattle should be free from external and internal parasites, breathing issues and other health conditions to ensure the herd is strong and durable. This is a necessity if you are going to succeed with cattle farming.

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