Recommendations of Good Quality Feeds for Angus Cattle

Blog | August 17th, 2018

The most important duty that an Angus cattle farmer has is to ensure that all of his or her cows, bulls, heifers and calves have sufficient quality feed all throughout the year. After all, without adequate nutrition the cattle cannot consume the right nutrients to be healthy and will fail to gain weight at the right rate. We share some feed options below for your consideration to help you with your Angus cattle endeavour.


Grazing in pastures today is a primary source of nutrition for many Angus herds. The pasturelands must have a balance of grasses and legumes to provide the cattle with sufficient protein, vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, especially when these herds are mainly fed by grazing rather than the use of other types of feed. Pasture rotation is a successful way to ensure that cattle do not overfeed in one area. Also, you can allow the one pasture to regrow a bit while the cattle graze in another one.


Corn, barley, oats, milo and other grains are used in feedlot situations or to supplement the cattle when necessary with their grazing efforts. The problem with grains for feed is the fact that they are low in fiber. However, the advantage of them is that they are high in energy. Add roughages, such as hay, grass and silage, to the cattle’s diet when grains are their main source of nutrition to balance the herd’s diet.

Byproducts from Human Food Production

The processes of various types of food for humans generate byproducts that are suitable of Angus cattle feed. Examples of this include distiller’s grains, apple pulp, sweet corn byproducts and more. The sweeter byproducts should not be overly fed to cattle but can be given in limited quantities.

Oilseeds and Oilseed Meals 

Soybeans, sunflower seeds and other types of oilseed either in whole or meal form can be a valuable source or crude protein, dry matter, fat, energy, fibre, calcium and other nutrients. You must note, though, that soybeans can turn rancid quickly, so you must ensure that you feed your Angus cattle only fresh ones.

For further recommendations of good quality feeds for Angus cattle, turn to Southfork Angus. We not only can sell you prime Angus seed stock, but we also can advise you on how to provide your cattle with the best possible feed combinations to suit your setup and preferences. All of our cattle are raised to be mild natured, which translates into them being easy to handle. Also, our cattle are highly fertile and reliable producers. Our goal is the help you make a success out of your cattle venture.

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