Starting Up a Cattle Farm: Why Angus Cattle is Your Best Choice

Blog | November 3rd, 2017

One the major decisions you need to make when starting up a cattle farm is what breed to invest in for your venture. You should be certain that the breed does well in your location for one consideration. Not all breeds thrive here in Australia. We are here to explain why the Angus cattle breed is your best choice to purchase in order for you to create a successful cattle business.

Genetically Sound

Since Angus has been a popular breed for many years, their genetics are well known and even perfected through proper breeding. As a result, all aspects of this breed are geared toward it bringing you high profits when you raise your herd in the right manner.

Easy to Handle

When you purchase seed stock from a reputable breeder, Angus cows and bulls are easy to handle, which lowers their stress as well as yours. If these animals feel anxiety all of the time, it can diminish their weight gain, calving ability and behaviour.

Excellent Producers of Beef and Milk

With the proper care, Angus excel in the production of beef since they gain their goal weight at the correct rate. Also, cows produce sufficient milk to feed their calves or for other purposes. Both of these benefits reap high profits for your cattle farm.

Highly Fertile

Another benefit of choosing Angus for your cattle farm is the fact they are highly fertile when you select the right breeder. Most Angus breeders understand the importance of breeding this trait into their seed stock since it not only brings their customers profit but also makes their business additionally successful. Also, Angus females mature earlier than females from other cattle breeds do, and this means that they can produce more calves in their lives.

Angus Beef Has Ideal Marbling for Flavour and Tenderness

All over the world Angus beef is revered for its unique flavour and tenderness due to its excellent marbling. Marbling is the streaks of white fat that run throughout the various cuts of beef from the Angus. Without marbling, the beef would be tough and hard to chew along with having little, if any, flavour.

For additional information about why the Angus cattle breed is the best choice for starting up your cattle farm, consult with Southfork Angus. We are experts on Angus seed stock and offer top quality cattle to all who need it from our location here in the Mornington Peninsula area of Australia. All of our cattle are high producers, easy to manage and have mild temperaments.

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