Taking Care of your Angus Cow from Pregnancy through the Birth Process

Blog | June 21st, 2017

Calf production is a major concern on an Angus cattle farm or ranch. The only way to ensure the health of the mother and calf is to provide proper care to an Angus cow from pregnancy through the birth process. You must know what nutritional needs it has during the pregnancy, how to ensure that the cow’s body is in ideal condition for calving and how to detect when the cow is ready to give birth. If you understand all these elements, the calf production rates should be high and help you to prosper.

Meeting the Cow’s Nutritional Needs during Pregnancy Is Crucial

The nutritional needs of the cow vary during gestation. During the early stages, her requirements are not that different from her non-pregnancy needs. As the fetus develops and grows, she will require additional protein, especially towards the end of the pregnancy. Also, it is important to control how much weight the pregnant cow gains since a high level of fat on the cow may interfere with the birth process. On the other hand, if the pregnant cow receives poor nutrition, she may also suffer issues during the birth process. Her body will not be in a healthy condition.

Exercise Helps Keep the Pregnant Cow in Ideal Condition for Calving

Cows that walk a sufficient amount during pregnancy have improved muscle tone throughout their bodies and this helps them endure the calving process with less difficulty. At times, Angus producers will walk their pregnant cows up and down hills to ensure that they participate in adequate amounts of exercise on a regular basis.

Signs of the Onset of Labour

One of the signs that labour and the birth is near is the cow will have a vaginal discharge, rest in a prone position more than usual, have a bit of difficulty breathing due to her extra weight and loose stools as labour approaches. Keep her and her surroundings as calm as possible once labour begins, so that she will relax her body to allow the fetus to come out, hopefully, without issue. Be alert in case she needs assistance with the birth.

When you take proper care of your Angus cow from pregnancy through the birth process, mother and baby will be healthy. Of course, you also need to start off with robust seed stock to ensure that the cows and bulls have the best lineage and fertility for your purposes. Southfork Angus provides such seed stock and also ensures that all are good natured.

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