The Real Goal of Quality Angus Beef Seed Stock Production

Blog | June 28th, 2018

The Angus breed often is the breed of choice for Australian cattle farmers for all of their many favourable characteristics. This has led to their being a large demand for quality Angus beef seed stock. While most may believe that the only goal of the seed stock producers is to raise healthy cattle, there is much more to their goal than just this, as we further explain in the following details.

Protecting the Bloodline Through the Use of Genetics

The main part of the real goal of quality Angus beef seed stock production is to protect the bloodline of the Angus breed through the use of genetics and genomics. While genetics is all about the inherited characteristics of the Angus, genomics provide DNA information on the cattle that digs deeper into the quality of the sire and dam along with the resulting offspring. With the use of both genetics and genomics, seed stock producers weed out unfavourable characteristics that can negatively affect an Angus cattle herd.

Mild-Tempered and Easy-to-Handle Angus Cattle Are Another Part of the Goal for Seed Stock Production

Another important part of the goal of an Angus seed stock producer is to raise quiet-tempered animals that are easy to handle. When you have Angus cattle of this nature, there is less stress, which helps the cattle gain weight at the right rate, and the cows will calve easier just for two benefits.

Fertility Also Is Part of the Real Goal of Quality Angus Seed Stock Production

Fertility is a must with quality seed stock. Otherwise clients cannot grow their herds in the proper manner from this seed stock, and that is the main purpose of seed stock in the first place.

Cows That Calve Easy

When the seed stock Angus cows are raised in the right manner, all of the cows will calve easily. In fact, this is one of the trademarks of the breed.

Angus Cattle That Are Reliable Producers

All of the seed stock also should be reliable producers, regardless of the reason that the buyers need these animals. Angus seed stock animals should produce the ideal meat with the signature flavour, juiciness and tenderness that Angus are famous for with all who purchase the meat. Also, if the animals are being sold, the number of calves should be consistent year after year to maintain the size of the herd.

For further details about the real goal of quality Angus beef seed stock production, consult with Southfork Angus. We specialise in this production and guarantee our animals will help you build or fill in your herd in a profitable manner.

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