The Strengths of Angus Cattle Breed

Blog | January 26th, 2017

Angus cattle or Aberdeen Angus have been a favored breed throughout the world for many decades. They are renowned in various countries for their beef such as in Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany.

For the most part, the Angus cattle breed is used for beef production and consumption. And when compared to other cattle breeds, many ranchers consider Angus cattle far superior. In fact, the Angus cattle breed has numerous strengths and benefits.

A Choice Breed for Calving

Angus cattle are renowned for their outstanding calving, even in harsh conditions. Quite often a calf needs little assistance when first born. They are vigorous, very strong and have a natural instinct to stand up and suck within moments after birth.

Mothers have Outstanding Milking Ability

Angus mothers are prominent for their maternal traits – ability to milk, calving ease, can produce a healthy calf a year that is about half the mother’s weight and is very nurturing even until he calf is weaned.

Stayability and Fertility

Angus cattle have an extremely high rate of stayability (the continued capacity to bear calves). In fact, it is not uncommon for a 12 or 13 year old cow to be productive. And for the most part, every calf is quite healthy.

Naturally Polled

Angus cattle have a natural polled gene. In result, dehorning is rarely needed. When compared to other breeds, Angus cattle seldom have a problem with their horns tearing or bruising.

A Very Healthy Breed

Angus cattle are naturally a very healthy breed. Their dark skin and udders of both the black and red Angus prevents their udders from sun burning. And unlike other breeds, Angus cattle rarely get cancer in the eyes.

High Net Return

Recent studies show that the Angus cattle breed has one of the highest net returns on investment. In fact, the breed is very efficient and has an exceptional feed conversion.

Natural Marbling for High Quality Beef 

The Angus cattle breed is well known for its high degree of marbling. In addition, the connection between marbling and tenderness is also moderately high, offering very tender cuts of beef.

Favored Quality and Carcass Size

According to much research, Angus cattle breeds have an increased ability to grade AAA and not compromise animal growth or feed efficiency and without accumulating yield grade at the cost of carcass quality.

Adaptable to Variable Weather Conditions

The Angus cattle breed is one of the most adaptable to weather conditions. They are able to withstand both extreme hot and cold. As well, minimal maintenance is needed.

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