Things You Need to Know before Starting a Cattle Farm Business

Blog | September 29th, 2016

Today, cattle farming is considered a profitable and enjoyable venture. For instance, there are numerous products that are derived from cattle such as meat, dairy, milk, leather and fuel from the manure. As well, raising cattle is considered a hobby for many entrepreneurs. But before starting a cattle farm business, there are certain considerations to keep in mind.

Appropriate Land

The main requirement for cattle farming is the farm land. Appropriate land includes enough acreage for the cattle to roam and graze freely. Depending on the number of cattle you farm, one to two acres will generally suffice for a small farm.
As well, a few trees on the property are very beneficial so that your cattle has some shade in the summer when temperatures get hot.

It is also important that the acreage is fenced. Otherwise, your cattle will roam or get lost. Basic barbwire or wood fencing is all that is typically needed. Just make sure to do some research about livestock fencing before you start building. That way you are ensured that finances are not squandered.

Buying the Right Breed of Cattle

There are innumerable breeds of cattle available on the market. And choosing the right breed for your business is directly connected to the success of your company. In fact, there are breeds for about every type of endeavor you desire such as breeds for collecting dairy products or breeds for just meat. For the production of meat, the Angus cattle breed and other breeds like Herefords, British Whites, Red Polls and Shorthorns. In fact, Angus beef is known to be one of the most profitable due to the superior beef quality and attractive marbled appearance. As well, Angus beef is the most common in the United States. The Angus cattle breed is also a good choice for crossbreeding. This is because it reduces the probability of difficult calving (dystocia). As well, the Angus cattle breed has a dominant polled gene thus generating polled calves.

For dairy production, popular breeds include Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss.

In addition, make sure that the cattle you buy are of good quality and are healthy. Plus, never buy a sickly cow.

Other Necessities

In order to properly raise cattle, there are certain necessities that are vital such as water, feed and proper shelter. Although you do not need to spend a fortune on a barn, your cattle need at least a simple enclosure to keep them from the elements. You can invest into a more elaborate barn once your business gets off the ground.

Water also needs to be present at all times. In truth, a single cow requires as much as 12 gallons of water a day. And as far as feed, it varies for each breed. For instance, beef cattle require a lot different feed than dairy cattle.

Aside from shelter, feed and water; your cattle will need veterinary support and possible medications so that they stay healthy. Plus, healthy cattle ensure that you have a good return on your investment.

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