Ways How Angus Cattle Business Can Give You Financial Success

Blog | March 6th, 2018

Many venture into the Angus cattle business today in hopes of attaining financial success. If you are considering such a venture, you should know that creating a profitable cattle farm takes diligence, knowledge and hard work, and that there is more than one way to earn money from your efforts. You can concentrate on breeding animals for seed stock, selling your animals for meat purposes and hiring out your bull for stud fees. It also is possible to combine all these goals whenever necessity calls for it. We offer further details on each one of these goals in the following facts.

Breeding Angus for Seed Stock

You can earn money by breeding your Angus for seed stock. To accomplish this in an equitable fashion, though, you must raise purebred Angus cattle that have a healthy background heritage wise. Buyers will wish to know the lineage of the males and females before they decide to purchase any of them for their herds. Ensure that your cattle are all registered according to Australian standards. Other characteristics of your cattle for this purpose should include easy to handle, mild temperament and high fertility.

Selling Your Angus for Meat Purposes

It is not secret that Angus beef is as high quality as it gets for both its tenderness and flavour. As a result, you can make a substantial profit by selling your Angus cattle for meat purposes on a local, country and export basis. Angus mature faster than certain other breeds and gain weight effectively with the ideal grazing or feedlot conditions. Be aware, though, that many buyers of Angus beef do prefer the open-grazing approach due to the results it produces in the meat.

Hiring Out Your Bull for Stud Fees

A third way on how the Angus cattle business can give you financial success is the fact that you can hire out your bull for stud fees. If this is one of your goals, know that it helps if your bull has been recognized for its attributes in livestock shows and certifications. Both elements create a demand for the lineage and characteristics of your bull similar to horses winning races with great speed.

If you need additional facts about the ways that an Angus cattle business can give you financial success, contact Southfork Angus. Our expertise is in the field of breeding functional Angus cattle that are highly adaptable to a wide assortment of environments. You will receive only reliable, mild-tempered, highly fertile and easy-to-handle cattle when you purchase Angus from us.

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